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Municipality Hrušky

Title: Municipality Hrušky
Description: The municipality is mentioned in the papers for the first time in 1368 when it belonged to Týnec domain. Together with Týnec, Hrušky went in 15th century to Břeclav domain that was bought in 1638 by the Liechtenstein family that hold the village till dissolution of patrimonial administration in 1848. Since 1949 Hrušky belongs to the new district Břeclav. As a sign of independence, the village has its own seal from 1622. It has a round shape, in the middle there is a pear-tree with four branches with fruits at their endings, a bunch of grapes is hanging on the left branch. An axis of the village is a road with houses along it. Therefore it can be said that Hrušky was originally a colonial village, founded in 13th century. With respect to natural and climatic conditions, the village focused on agriculture. The life in the village was influenced by railway. The railway station was established here in 1911 but it lies 2 km far from the village. For personal transport, there was a stop constituted in 1926.
E-mail: obec@hrusky_cz
Web URL: https://www.hrusky.cz
Contact person:
Phone: 519 343 220
Phone: 519 343 221
Fax: 519 343 221
Address: U zbrojnice 100, 691 56 Hrušky
GPS: 48°47'38.970"N 16°58'20.280"E
Opening hours:

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