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Pilgrimage of Bzenec

The Municipality Bzenec invites you to traditional Pilgrimage of Bzenec which takes place from 15th to 17th August in the chateau park. Program: on 15th August at 8:00 PM Inekafe – concert of Slovak punk rock band, dancing with Artemis on 16th August at from 1:30 to 5:30 PM funny afternoon for children and adults – children disco, competitions and games with brothers Chabičovský, static demonstration of military equipment, tours in historic military vehicles, air gun shooting range, at 7:00 PM Fairplay - rock bandgroup from Bzenec, Bzenecký oharek - the second year of the competition eating of kvašák = special cucumber, Metalinda - concert marking the 30th anniversary of the legendary rock group, dancing with a music Generace. on 17th August at 8:00 AM morning Mass - with Mgr. Jaroslav Majda; at 9:00 AM procession at the chateau; at 9:15 AM parade processions with statues across the square to the church; at 10:00 AM singing; at 10:30 AM Mass - with Mons. ThDr. Majda Peter - rector of the seminary Spišská Kapitula.

Start: 15.08.2014

End: 17.08.2014

E-mail: informator@bzenec_cz, podatelna@bzenec_cz

Web: www.bzenec.cz

Phone: 518 384 811

GPS: 48°58'25.028"N 17°15'58.985"E

Place: in castle Park, square, church

Organizator: Bzenec

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