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Valtice underground

Title: Valtice underground
Description: Cellar labyrinth of the restored historic wine cellars, interconnected with a totallength of 710 m. The Wine and refreshments are served by „sklepiéři" (sommeliers) - wine serving experts with knowledge ofthe local vineyard environment. Tastings for individuals and groups are held here. Of course cellars offers possibility for corporate and private events, weddings, birthdays, celebrations, with hot and cold buffets. The tour Valtice Underground is an exhibition of signed historic brick, fossils, as well as petrified horse tails, with commentary and accompaniment of traditional folk music.
E-mail: info@valtickepodzemi_cz
Web URL: www.valtickepodzemi.cz
Contact person:
Phone: +420 723 600 423
Phone: +420 724 331 563
Address: Vinařská 34, Valtice
GPS: 48°44'22.506"N 16°45'1.117"E
Opening hours: Otevírací doba vinných sklepů: duben: pátek 17.00-22.00 sobota 10.00-22.00 neděle 10.00-17.00 květen, červen, září, říjen: úterý - pátek 17.00-22.00 sobota 10.00-22.00 neděle 10.00-17.00 červenec a srpen: pondělí 13.00 - 22.00 úterý - pátek 10.00 - 22.00 sobota 10.00 - 24.00 neděle 10.00 - 17.00 Po celý rok večerní ochutnávky s vinařským tématickým programem na objednávku - pro skupiny 8 - 300 osob.
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