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Regional Museum in Mikulov - Chateau Mikulov

Title: Regional Museum in Mikulov - Chateau Mikulov
Description: The imposing chateau was originally a medieval castle that guarded the turbulent border with Austria. The later owners of the estate, the Liechtensteins (from the middle of the 13th century) and the Dietrichsteins (from the 16th century) gradually converted it into its present Baroque grandeur. The chateau went up in fl ames in 1945, and was then again restored thanks to the work of the Society for the Restoration of the Chateau. Today it houses the Regional Museum in Mikulov and you can fi nd many interesting exhibits here.
E-mail: pokladna@rmm_cz
Web URL: www.rmm.cz
Contact person:
Phone: +420 519 309 014
Phone: +420 777 061 230
Fax: +420 519 309 030
Address: Zámek 1, 692 15 Mikulov
GPS: 48°48'25.133"N 16°38'13.871"E
Opening hours: Open: from 29 March to 31 October 2014 April and October Tues–Sun: 9–16; May, June, September Tues–Sun: 9–17; July–August Tues–Sun: 9–18 Last tour begins half an hour before closing.

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