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National wine centre

Title: National wine centre
Description: National wine centre is located in a renovated historic premises of the castle of Valtice. Lecture halls on the ground floor offer appropriate lecture rooms for presentations and corporate training. Proffessionally equipped tasting room is used notonly for selectiong thebest Czech and Moravian wines, which are annually awarded title of "Wine Salon of the Czech Republic", but also for other prestigious wine competitions held in the Czech Republic. In the cellars of the castle tasting expoisition of Wine Salon of the Czech Republic is opened to public. Here visitors can taste and purchase the best hundred wines, which won this prestigious award and was selected in the top national wine competition in the Czech Republic.
E-mail: narodni@vinarskecentrum_cz
Web URL: www.vinarskecentrum.cz
Contact person:
Phone: (+420) 519 352 744
Phone: (+420) 519 352 072
Fax: (+420) 519 352 072
Address: Zámek 1, Valtice
GPS: 48°44'22.036"N 16°45'20.103"E
Opening hours:

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