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Title: Hustopeče
Description: Renaissance houses and a fountain with a figure of Triton in the square, modern deanery Church of St. Wenceslas with a Chapel of St. Agnes of Bohemia (1994). Town museum. On a hill above the town is the Baroque St. Rosalia’s Chapel. An aquapark with one indoor and four outdoor swimming pools, 72-metre long chute slide and a double slide.
E-mail: posta@hustopece-city_cz
Web URL: http://www.hustopece-city.cz/
Contact person: Ing. Luboš Kuchynka
Phone: 519 441 011
Phone: 519 441 060
Fax: 519 413 184
Address: Dukelské nám. 2/2, 693 01 Hustopeče
GPS: 48°56'26.960"N 16°44'12.538"E
Opening hours:

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