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Title: EAT ART GALLERY Mikulov
Description: EAT-ART GALLERY provides a choice of special gifts and souvenirs in artistic quality. We also offer delicate eatable souvenirs. Our assortment fits the seasons of the year and comes partly from our own production. EAT-ART GALLERY organises exhibitions illustrating and connected to the theme of EAT-ART. EAT-ART GALLERY serves breakfast, as well as especially composed meals in the rooms of the gallery. The kitchen offers surprises not only for tourists but also for residents.Old traditional, nearly forgotten, Bohemian recipes are used to prepare our specialities. EAT-ART GALLERY offers delicate gifts and specialities, home-made Bohemian kitchen. EAT-ART GALLERY organises courses for traditional Bohemian cooking. “Forgotten” recipes are used. EAT-ART GALLERY rents rooms for all kinds of family - festivities and cares for the catering We speak German and Czech.
E-mail: info@eatartgallery_eu
Web URL: www.eatartgallery.eu
Contact person: Jitka Plesz
Phone: +420 724 900 204
Phone: +420 519 512 768
Fax: +420 519 512 768
Address: Kapucínská 1, 692 01 Mikulov
GPS: 48°48'20.368"N 16°38'19.749"E
Opening hours: Open: October–March Thurs–Fri: 16–22, Sat, Sun: 12–22; April–September Wed–Fri: 16–22,Sat, Sun, state holidays: 12–22
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