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Chateua Valtice and Wine Salon of the Czech Republic

Title: Chateua Valtice and Wine Salon of the Czech Republic
Description: The Valtice Chateau was the entailed seat of the Liechtenstein dynasty. Its fortune is demostrated by the extensiveness and pompous look of the whole complex. The Valtice Chateau itself is situated east of the main city square. Its present appearance is the work of three remarkable members of the Liechtenstein dynasty in the first half of the 18th century. The first member was Anton Florian from Liechtenstein (1656-1712), the chief seneschal at the court of Charles IV. Being one of the most infuential man of the empire his aim was to rebuild a Renaissance Chateau into a representative seat suitable for a man with his status. Therefore he hired Anton Johann Ospel (1677-1756), a Vorarlberg architect with experience from Rome, Spain and Portugal. According to his project a Renaissance Chateau was changed into a large Baroque residence that was extended by horse breeding facilities (riding hall, Spanish stabling) and other administrative buildings. After Anton Florian’s death prince Josef Johann Adam from Liechtenstein (1690-1732) came to the throne and changed the functioning and artistic concept of Valtice Chateau. Since he spent most of the time at his Moravian manors, spirit of the whole complex has changed from a residential seat into a pleasant place for an infuential aristocrat to live. This change was achieved by building a few „maison de plaisance“ objects, hiring a French architect Dominique Girard – the author of plans for the Chateau garden - and last but not least a Bologna architect Antonio Maria Nicolao Beduzzi (1675-1735). One of the most beautiful temple premises in Moravia - the Chaple of Valtice Chateau - as well as the symbolic closing of the urbanistic concept symbolised by the so-called Altana both originated in this era. Josef Václav from Liechtenstein (1696-1772) was the last member of the Liechtenstein Dynasty who has influenced the appearance of the Valtice Chateau significantly. Although his main court architect Anton Erhart Martinelli (1684-1747) has completed the reconstruction according to his predecessor’s plans, he also refined and simplified his style. This change is mostly visible at the northwestern facade towards the city of Mikulov. Moreover, the old castle that was connected to the Chateau in the place of today’s garden facade was destroyed.
E-mail: valtice@npu_cz; salonvin@vinarskecentrum_cz
Web URL: www.zamek-valtice.cz, www.salonvin.cz
Contact person: Mgr. Michal Tlusták - kastelán
Phone: +420 519 352 423 - zámek; +420 519 352 744 - Salon vín ČR
Phone: +420 724 979 145 - kastelán
Address: Zámek 1, 691 42 Valtice
GPS: 48°44'22.036"N 16°45'20.103"E
Opening hours: ZÁMEK VALTICE duben a říjen: 9.00 - 16.00 ** květen a září: 9.00 - 17.00 * červen až srpen: 9.00 - 18.00 * Polední přestávka: 12.00 - 13.00. Poslední prohlídka se koná hodinu před koncem otevírací doby! * v pondělí zavřeno ** pouze v sobotu a neděli, přes týden objednané zájezdy Prohlídkové trasy - 1. patro: KNÍŽECÍ okruh (15 sálů) - délka prohlídky cca 45 min. CÍSAŘSKÝ okruh (21 sálů) - délka prohlídky cca 60 min. 2. patro - příležitosné tématické výstavy. Prohlídky nemají časové omezení. SALON VÍN ČR úterý - čtvrtek: 9.30 - 17.00 pátek a sobota: 10.30 - 18.00 neděle (červen - září) : 10.30 - 17.00 Poslední návštěva cca 1,5 hodiny před zavírací dobou. Otevřeno celoročně kromě února, kdy probíhá příprava expozice nového ročníku.
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